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Films for the Earth is an international competence centre for environmental documentaries. We want to reach the widest possible audience with selected films to share knowledge about sustainability an to inspire behavioural change.

Today: Centre of Competence Films for the Earth

The website is already the world’s largest and best-kept directory of environmental documentaries with a sustainability and ecology focus, we attract around 250,000 visitors a year. Our visitors include private persons, teachers, professionals, public authorities, companies and civil society stakeholders with an interest in ecology and environmental issues. Our website offers a catalog of audited, inspiring cinematic films covering 16 different themes, that is easy to browse by video clip type, film rightsholders, language, or through the 60 tags which represent key topics in sustainability. Each film is complemented with trailers, interviews, high resolution film stills and educational materials.  

Moving forward:

The new database will ensure that Films for the Earth will continue to run smoothly and that expansion will be sustainable and easy to manage. In the old system, device independence, machine readability, access management and scalability were not properly manageable. The restructuring of our programming will allow for new developments in technology. For example, as DVDs are becoming less relevant, we are developing ways of working with On Demand services and subscription models to offer online versions of the documentaries.

A programming and database interface (API – Application Programming Interface) can create the features we need. We will be developing the API over the next two years with support funding from Swiss Lottery Fund, Energie Schweiz and Stadtwerk Winterthur.

In the future, this API could be used for a whole number of applications. For example, employee apps with films for sensitization, databases for libraries, film portals for schools, an advisory chatbot, film codes for films on products made by partners… and many more.

First Deployment – Energy and Climate in Canton Zurich

Our first deployment of the API will focus on energy and climate in Zurich canton. We will focus on films depicting the energy sector and innovative solutions to the energy crisis that complement the films we already have on our website. Throughout this project we will be in contact with energy partners from our home region of Zurich.

Interested parties are welcome to contact us at We are happy to receive further support for this action.

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