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Films for the Earth Festival 2018

Over the last few months, the level of stress and anticipation has risen steadily until they finally reached their wonderful climax on Friday 21 September in the Films for the Earth Festival. A total of around 16.000 visitors gathered on the festival day to watch the world-class environmental films. Before the main film in the evening we welcomed Gabriele Müller-Ferch from the SRF programme "heute und hier" and Livio Rey from the ornithological station Sempach as guests to a panel discussion in Winterthur. 

The 8th Films for the Earth Festival 2018 was a great success. Together with 100 partners, 200 volunteers and 72 NGOs, the festival has established itself as one of the largest sustainability events in Switzerland. In one day, over 16,000 people were brought in front of the big screen in 21 cities with over 130 screenings. Over the next few months, thousands of people will also be reached by the filmkeys we provided.



Festival Magazine (German)
Festival Flyer 


"Nach solchen Filmen kauft man anders ein" - Migros-Magazin (Interview mit Helferin Miriam Rizi)

"Die Macht des roten Goldes" - Tagblatt Zürich

"Es wird still in der Luft" - Bündner Woche

"Wir haben 400 Schüleranmeldungen" - Badische Zeitung (Interview mit Gerd Sauer, Filme für die Erde Deutschland

"Das Filme für die Erde Festival soll ein Augenöffner sein" - Luzerner Zeitung (Interview mit Kai Pulfer)

"Ein tiefer Blick in die Tomatendose" - Der Landbote

Posts on our Online Magazine

"Die Kraft der Bilder" - Interview mit James Balog, The Human Element 

"The Power of the Image" - Interview with James Balog, The Human Element

"Einchecken ins Insekten-Hotel"

"Das grosse Vogelsterben"

"Gewässer der Schweiz - alles klar?"

"Die Weltreise der Tomate"

"Der Klimawandel betrifft uns alle"

"Tomatensauce aus China - Made in Italy"

"Die aussergewöhnlichen Reisen der Zugvögel"

"Wo sind alle Insekten hin?"

"Eine spektakuläre Reise um die Welt - Festival 2018"

"Livestream 2018 - Klimawandel und Vogelsterben"

Besondere Leistungen

For the first time only digital filmkeys are distributed to the visitors. A total of over 4.000 film keys were distributed. / With additional locations, for the first time in Germany, a further internationalisation is achieved / In the course of the year up to the festival there were more than 26.000 hits on the Films for the Earth festival page. / A total reach of almost 18 million possible contact points was achieved with 48 editorial contributions. 93% of the surveyed visitors rated the quality of the festival as "good" to "very good" / For the first time we made a German over voice ("The Clean Bin Project") / "The Human Element" was a swiss premiere, arriving on the market in 2019/20.

The results of the surveys among visitors, helpers and exhibitors reflect the success of the festival and many would like to be involved again next year. A lot of positive feedback shows that the festival motivates many people to shape a more sustainable future.

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The best photos of our volunteers

We thank all sponsors and partners for making this festival possible..

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