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  2. 22.09.2017

Films for the Earth Festival 2017

The 7th Film for the Earth Festival takes place in 2017 in 18 cities of Switzerland and Liechtenstein: Baden, Balzers (LI, 1st time), Basel, Berne, Biel (1st time), Chur, Frauenfeld (1st time), Horgen, Interlaken, Lucerne, Romanshorn, Schaan (LI, 1st time), Solothurn, St. Gallen, Thun/Steffisburg, Winterthur, Zug, Zurich have 16'000 visitors in 130 screenings, including 12'720 children and young people from 550 classes. In the national livestream introducing the feature film "Chasing Coral", TV presenter Gülsha Adilji discusses the overexploitation of forests and oceans with Heinzpeter Studer (Fairfish) and Lukas Straumann (Bruno Manser Fonds) and how to tackle it.

60 environmental organisations show our visitors in the foyers of the exhibition what can be done and where contribute. 170 helpers help make the day a moving success and bring people into the halls. 80 partners contributed financial resources or services to make everything possible. There will be 3'000 redistribution DVDs and filmkeys, which will be distributed to a further 30'000 people. This festival reaches a total of 46'000 people.


  • 08:30 "Planet Earth 2: Mountains"/ "Les Peuples des Océans"
  • 12:00 "Death by Design" (lunch cinema)
  • 14:00 "Sweatshop 1"
  • 16:00 "Planet Earth 2: Cities" / "Plastic Ocean"
  • 18:00 "The Borneo Case"
  • 20:00 "Chasing Coral"

Special achievements this year: There are now two school screenings in the morning, which brings many more seats (double the seats). For the first time we distribute "Film Keys". A kind of digital copy of the redistribution DVD. / We have edited the films Sweatshop 1 and 2, translated them into two languages and released the only DVD on the market with both films. / In Biel we have a bilingual program. / With its two locations in Liechtenstein, the festival is now international / The website has 39,000 visitors. / 50 editorial articles - the total reach is now at 15 million possible contact points. / No trailer yet has been watched so often (around 10'000 observations). New 20-second teasers have increased the reach of social media by another 5,500 observations. / 61% of visitors think this year's program is excellent, 31% like it :)

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