Express film entry for filmmakers

Would you like to get your film indexed here? Should your film be found and viewed worldwide?

Films for the Earth appreciates the work of doc makers and has already included 350 documentaries in our trilingual index - with the help of volunteers and interns without requiring anything from filmmakers.

We now have an internal list of over 1000 films on sustainability and environment known to us, the list grows daily and unfortunately we are only moving forward slowly. We index about 100 films per year and focus on a narrow selection, mostly films that we use on the Films for the Earth Festival. Unfortunately, we have not received support from foundations to date..

However, if you and many other filmmakers help us to bear the costs, we increase speed - for you and for us.

That's why we are now offering für 400 CHF / 340 EUR express inspection, keywording, data entry and translation. 

What you get

  • fancy film page in three languages (Example)
  • Google indexes your film as Rich Card / Knowledge Card (Example)
  • your film can be found on many keywords (Examples: sufficiency, Marie-Monique Robin, gold )
  • FFfancy presentation in Facebook and Twitter
  • creating a cover, if none is available
  • we present your film to our community (Newsletter, social media, Website)
  • we help you to offer your film as a worldwide video on demand

Order now

Detailed Information | Help Sheet

Instructions in the two downloads above. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Discount for entries of many films at a time is possible.

Phone: 052 202 25 53, E-Mail