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Become a Partner

Films for the Earth collaborates with a variety of organizations to bring important films to the forefront of public inquiry and debate. We have got many avenues for you to collaborate and connect to our mission.

Public authorities
We find a lot of support from public authorities, such as (energy) cities, cantons and departments. And in return, they are the contact point for citizen information about films and events.

Companies that are concerned with the issue of sustainability, from early stages to very advanced sustainability projects, are right with us. We help to foster enthusiasm of employees, customers and the general public for sustainability and the low-impact lifestyle. We offer DVDs, events and more. Have a look at our services (available only in German).

NGOs, associations, institutions
With NGOs and other content partners, we enter into a network partnership in which we support each other and exploit synergies and talents. For more information on how this works, you can read our information for network partners.

Colleges and universities
Through mutual partnerships with schools, colleges and universities, we encourage learning and look forward to many young people who are fully involved in the matter, making a meaningful contribution and learning important competences for their professional life. See how your educational institution can work with us here.

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