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The most interesting documentaries and short films on drinking water, bottled water, water bodies and hydroelectric power stations.

Water consumption has increased sharply with due to growing population, agriculture and industry. While some regions of Earth have an abundance, many have limited access to potable water, in some cases none at all. Leaving aside the consequences of contaminated water on health, water scarcity can casue social conflict as well as dramatic changes in ecosystems and biodiversity. Much of the water is not consumed directly by the local population but used in the production of goods for export, from clothes to computers, food and beverages, so-called 'virtual water'. The water footprint can help determine how much water certain products consume and how the consumption of 'virtual water' can be reduced.

The second concern - water pollution - has heavy ramifications on all aquatic environments. Commercial agriculture is the largest consumer of water worldwide, as a result of run-off of chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides is causing of heavy water pollution. Other harmful industries include electronics, mining and oil. To learn more about oceans, visit the Oceans theme page.

Below you will also find several documentaries on the privatization of water sources.

«Everything we think about regarding sustainability - from energy to agriculture to manufacturing to population - has a water footprint. Almost all of the water on Earth is salt water, and the remaining freshwater supplies are split between agricultural use and human use - as well as maintaining the existing natural environment.»

Jamais Cascio

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