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Urbanization + Smart Cities

The best films and documentaries on urban development, urbanization and smart cities.

Cities spew out a huge portion of global pollution and consume three quarters of the energy used worldwide. Most cities were built around industry, cars, economy and not with sustainability in mind. To ensure a livable future this needs to change. Smart and green cities are designed for life quality, low environmental impact, city ecology and an efficient use of resources. Information and communication technologies can be used to improve traffic flow, water use, energy supply and provide access to critical data.

Another side of urbanization is land-use planning. How can ecosystems be kept intact and still provide food, water and shelter for the human population? Solutions include the preservation of open spaces, high-density construction and mixed-use development that keep most areas of daily need in walkable or bikeable distance. This is closely linked to the subject area of "mobility".

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«The battle for life on earth will be won or lost in cities.»

Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary, Convention of Biological Diversity

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