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The best films on food, global commodity flows, agriculture, food waste and food safety.

Although people in developed countries have more food available than they possibly can eat, hunger is still the world's biggest health risk by far. One in nine people to go to sleep without having eaten anything. Food security, food production, food quality are issues of increasing importance as human populations continue to boom and suffer the effects of malnutrition.

How does industrial agriculture affect our planet? What happens if more people adopt a western diet and eat meat at every meal? How can we ensure an ethical, ecologically acceptable and healthy alimentation for all people on this planet? Depending on who you ask, modern agricultural systems and the food industry is responsible for at least 20% and possibly up to more than 50% of climate changing factors. If you want to live a sustainable lifestyle you have to start with the food you eat.

Be inspired by our selection of the best movies on the topic "Global Food" and make your contribution to a brighter future by making better choices on a daily basis. When it comes to food, we are all capable of making a difference: Vote for the future everytime you go to the grocery store or the local farmers market by choosing the right things to eat.

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«The tremendous challenges to slow down climate change and to ensure food security for a growing world population ask for radical changes in the food industry.»

Jan Plagge, Managing Committee BÖLW

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