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Fairtrade + Economy

The economy and the environment are in a conflicting relationship. Our system ensures that key goods are provided for consumption on a daily basis. This process has dire consequences for the environment and for human beings.

The economy is based on the supply and demand principle. As a result of the ever-increasing rates of globalization, it has become normal to drink Indian tea for breakfast, Thai take-away for lunch and a pit-stop at McDonald’s for dinner. The increased choice promotes competition and the reduction of price, which in turn creates pressure on production to lower costs. Consumer goods must be produced cheaply and to do so requires outsourcing of labour to cheaper markets. The environmental impacts of such an economy are often secondary concerns and are generously overlooked.

On this page you can find the most interesting and informative films on the global economy and fair trade.

«Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.»

Anna Lappe

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