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The most moving films about renewables, the energy transition and the old energy sources oil, coal and nuclear power.

All needs energy. Energy is one of the most central questions on the path to a sustainable planet. Over 90 percent of energy used today still originates from coal, gas, oil and nuclear energy. These conventional energy sources is not able to satisfy the world population’s energy demand, without seriously threatening the planetary ecosystem. The production and consumption of these energy sources do not only increase the greenhouse gas emissions and fuel global warming, but also lead to the destruction of massive natural landscapes, corruption, armed conflicts and radioactive contamination.

There are already numerous alternatives at hand and currently we are faced with the decision to radically revolutionize the means with which we power our societies. Wind, solar, biomass and water energy will lead to a more decentralized energy system, more energy democracy, better life quality and a more sustainable relationship to our most habitat.

When it comes to managing a sustainable relationship to energy, we need changes to happen from the grassroots to a global scale. It's one of the greatest challenges of the century!

«The additional costs for renewable energies of today are the avoided environmental damages of and the lower energy cost of tomorrow. We stand before the biggest economic structural change since the beginning of the industrial age.»

Hermann Scheer 2004

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