Wilde Nächte

wenn die Tiere erwachen

The majority of our native wildlife is nocturnal and only when we go to sleep do they appear. When the nightingale sings her love song and glowing fireflies go looking for a mate, stone martens, badgers and raccoons crawl out of their hiding places right next to us. They all satisfy their desires at night and find the best conditions here. The permanent light doesn't bother them much and often it's only their traces that bear witness to their existence when dormice enter houses, martens nibble on car cables and foxes are wreaking havoc on chicken farms. But there are also dangers lurking everywhere that are not always natural. After all, light also plays an important role at night and though the animals hardly need it, it influences their lives.

Director(s): Uwe Müller
Script: Uwe Müller
Production: Capricornum Film
Music: Jörg Magnus Pfeil
Year: 2018
Duration: 43 min
Our age recommendation: 6
Language (audio): German
Country of origin: Germany
Shooting Locations: Germany
Screening rights: Capricornum Film () | Arte ()

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Main topic(s): Planet Earth Children's film
Secondary topics: biodiversity neighborhoods wildlife light pollution
Mentions: Light pollution darkness raccoon stone marten blackbird dormouse nightingale lark redtail robin cuckoo bridle king fox house mouse eagle owl barn owl badger cat jay firefly St. John's beetle cross spider chickens
Topic Page(s): Films for Kids The nominated films of past Films for the Earth Festivals.

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