Vorsicht Gentechnik?

This political thriller documentary is founded on hard scientific results and confronts the half-truths and uncertainties surrounding the indispensable debate about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) including the protection of plant and human health objectively.

GMOs have been cultivated worldwide for more than 20 years. By manipulating the genome, the yield of crops can me dramatically increased but the use of genetic engineering in agriculture is highly controversial. The debate is all the more heated; The distinction between facts and pseudo-scientific arguments is sometimes difficult. What is true, what is fabricated? Where is the truth about green genetic engineering?

By genetic engineering, plants develop a higher resistance to insects or herbicides such as glyphosate. But the pests also develop immunity against the pesticides, and the doses must be increased raising concerns of health experts.

In 2015, glyphosate was classified by the World Health Organization as "probably carcinogenic to humans". Monsanto disagreed and invoked a German study, which found no connection between cancer and glyphosate. Nevertheless, consumers are increasingly concerned about their health, the environment and the spread of GMOs on traditional plants.

In order to soothe consumers, the researchers are now developing genetically modified foods with obvious benefits - such as the Golden Rice, which should contain more vitamin A than its natural relatives. Is genetic engineering a curse or blessing?

The film, which has been filmed in eleven countries on four continents, examines genetic engineering and the related issues and gives a voice to the scientists, farmers, food producers and breeders of genetically manipulated plants and animals.

Director(s): Frédéric Castaignède
Production: ARTE Frankreich, La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse
Year: 2016
Duration: 100 min
Picture format: 16:9
Language (audio): German, French
Country of origin: France
Shooting Locations: France, Mexico, Argentina, United States, Ghana, Philippines, Burkina Faso
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Main topic(s): Genetic Engineering + Seeds
Secondary topics: food security industrial agriculture politics health
Mentions: genetic engineering GMO Monstanto Syngenta Dupont golden rice soy corn
Topic Page(s): Genetic Engineering + Seeds

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