Uranium - Is It A Country

Tracking the origins of nuclear power

In Europe nuclear energy is more and more often celebrated as saving the climate. Clearly, nuclear power plants need uranium.

The aim is to comprehensively illustrate the opportunities and risks posed by nuclear energy, whilst paying particular attention to uranium mining.

Australia has the world’s largest deposits of this resource. We will travel to the "land down under" to exemplify where uranium comes from, where it goes to and what is leftover from it.

There is plutonium (used mostly together with uranium) and thorium. And by now there is just one thorium nuclear reactor in India. (what concerns nuclear fusion, deuterium and tritium could be use, but this is just hypothetical).

By now the most used combustible for the nuclear energy production is uranium and the world has many problems and risks because of this. This film is about uranium and its use for the nuclear energy production. It doesn't want to be comprehensive of everything concerning nuclear reactors. And it is a very good film, based on a accurate inquiry about uranium.

Director(s): Stephanie Auth, Isabel Huber, Kerstin Schnatz
Production: Initiative Strahlendes Klima
Music: Lars Deutsch
Year: 2008
Duration: 53 min
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): English
Language (subtitles): German, English, Portuguese
Country of origin: Germany
Shooting Locations: Germany, Australia
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Main topic(s): Energy
Secondary topics: atomic energy climate
Mentions: nuclear power uranium nuclear effects radioactivity radiation damage climate
Topic Page(s): Energy

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