Transgenic Wars

There is a 50% chance that the pork chop you had for dinner came from an animal that had been fed on transgenic soy. This may surprise many people as the supermarkets, farmers and the industry in general are all suspiciously silent on the issue. The dominance of GM products in agriculture started 15 years ago, but where will it end?

"Transgenic Wars" visits Danish farms where the amount of the pigs born with deformities and the number dying from gastric diseases have dramatically increased. The animals are fed on a transgenic combo of GM soy that was treated with the herbicide Glyphosate. Today in Argentina all agriculture is transgenic but after 15 years the weeds have evolved and glyphosate is longer effective. In response, farmers have started using hazardous chemicals in an indiscriminate and unregulated manner. In some areas the rate of serious genetic deformities in children has exploded. We meet the families and doctors convinced that living so close to GM farms is the cause.

How has transgenic agriculture managed to conquer agriculture so quickly? Whilst the US government is beholden to the transgenic lobby many European countries have managed to hold out, but for how much longer will they be able to resist?

Fifteen years ago, when the genetic modification of seeds and plants was being described as a ‘super technology’, French investigative journalist Paul Moreira was one of the last reporters allowed into Monsanto’s laboratories before they closed their doors to outside cameras.

A good insight into the geostrategic forces pushing GMOs and the health issues affecting pigs and humans through Argentinian soy. This film is more an investigative TV-Documentary than feature film.

Director(s): Paul Moreira
Production: Luc Hermann
Actors: Patrick Moore, Ib Pedersen, Viianne Perrez, Marisa Gutman, Alejandro Mentaberry, Hector Rainero, Sergio Boccaro, Damian Verzenassi, Christophe Terrain, Stephane Le Foll, Corinne Lepage, Michel Despratx
Year: 2014
Duration: 52 min
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: France
Shooting Locations: Denmark, France, Argentina, Belgium, United Kingdom
Screening rights: Javafilms ()
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Main topic(s): Global Food Genetic Engineering + Seeds
Secondary topics: food security toxins globalisation industrial agriculture politics health
Mentions: pigs soy glyphosate gmo superweeds pesticide roundup disabled genocide deformities atrazine agent orange 2.4-D chemicals herbicide-resistance Monsanto Dow Chemical Syngenta protests wiki leaks Europa Bio Golden Rice TAFTA
Topic Page(s): Global Food Genetic Engineering + Seeds

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