To the Ends of the Earth

"To the Ends of the Earth" follows concerned citizens living at the frontiers of extreme oil and gas extraction, bearing witness to a global crossroads. They call for human ingenuity to rebuild society at the end of the fossil fuel era.

Director(s): David Lavallee
Script: Fernanda Rossi
Production: David Lavallee
Music: Gabriel Scotti
Actors: Naomi Klein, Hélène Valade, Richard Heinberg, Emma Thompson, Charles Hall, Andrew Nikiforuk, Eoin Madden, Ben Parfitt, Christy Clark, Robert Howarth, Barak Obama, Lana Lowe, Stephen Holditch, Steve Larter, Steve Laut, John Weisheit, Raymond Levey, Barry Goldstein, Claudia Medina, Jeff Skilling, Lynne Quarmby, Ken Boon, Jerry Natanine
Year: 2016
Duration: 82 min
Our age recommendation: 14
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: Canada
Shooting Locations: Canada, France, Japan, United States, Greenland
Screening rights: Green Planet Films ()
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Main topic(s): Energy
Secondary topics: atomic energy fossil fuel toxins climate postconsumptionism growth activism noise
Mentions: whales Inuit Clyde oil arctis seismic testing narwhales Shell oil spills Hubbard unconventional oil tar sands EROI Energy Return on Investment lawers shale gas dam hydroelectric gas fracking capital SAGD Water Hammer bitumen spill Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Net Energy Cliff COP21 carbon capture co2 capture degrowth Jevons Paradox blockadia Kinder Moran civil disobedience degrowth
Topic Page(s): Energy

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