The Wild Pacific

It is the largest body of water on earth, covering nearly 30% of our planet.

Experience a vast ecosystem that is home to a stunning menagerie of creatures.

Director(s): Michael Watchulonis
Script: Michael Watchulonis
Production: 3DigitalVision
Year: 2016
Duration: 52 min
Our age recommendation: 6
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: Mexico
Shooting Locations: Mexico, Galápagos Islands
Screening rights: 3DigitalVision ()
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Main topic(s): Oceans
Secondary topics: overfishing wilderness wildlife
Mentions: grey whale osprey squids sea turtles black sea nettle great white sharks mobula ray sardines anchovies herring striped marlin sea lions bats cormorant dolphins pelicans manta rays land iguana Galapagos tortoise whale sharks scalloped hammerhead ecosystem poaching
Topic Page(s): Oceans

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