The Serengeti Rules

Beginning in the 1960s, a small band of young scientists headed out into the wilderness, driven by an insatiable curiosity about how nature works. Immersed in some of the most remote and spectacular places on Earth—from the majestic Serengeti to the Amazon jungle; from the Arctic Ocean to Pacific tide pools—they discovered a single set of rules that govern all life. Now in the twilight of their eminent careers, these five unsung heroes of modern ecology share the stories of their adventures, reveal how their pioneering work flipped our view of nature on its head, and give us a chance to reimagine the world as it could and should be.

"The Serengeti Rules" succeeds in illustrating the important topic of the complex functioning of ecosystems and the central role of key species in these systems in a way that is also understandable for laypersons.

"The Serengeti Rules" is a well-researched film that goes into depth and contains many empirical examples. It shows not only the problems, but also specific measures to solve them.

Last but not least, the film impresses with the beauty of the images and their aesthetics, with which it illustrates the destabilizing influence of humans on their environment. In general it is a very well made film with a clear and comprehensible argumentation, a good editing and suitable music.

"The Serengeti Rules" was one of the two main films of the Film for the Earth Festival 2019.

Director(s): Nicolas Brown
Script: Nicolas Brown
Production: David Allen, Tangled Bank Studios
Music: Anne Nikitin
Actors: Svavar Jonatansson, Svavar Jónatansson, Tony Sinclair, Mary Power, Bob Paine, John Terborgh, Jim Estes, Sean B. Carroll, Greg Kriek, Ashlyn Jade Lopez, Jonathan Newport
Year: 2018
Duration: 84 min
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: United States
Shooting Locations: United States, Venezuela
Screening rights: Tangled Bank Studios ()

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Main topic(s): Planet Earth Human Potential
Secondary topics: biodiversity regeneration interconnection forest wilderness wildlife cooperation
Mentions: keystone species ecosystem monoculture otter starfish bass ant whaling Serengeti downgrading upgrading wolf bissom orca biologist scientist biography
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