The Islands & The Whales

In their remote home in the North Atlantic the Faroe Islanders have always eaten what nature could provide, proud to put local food on the table. The land yields little, so they have always relied on harvesting their seas. Hunting whales and seabirds kept them alive for generations, and gave them the way of life they love; a life they would pass on to their children. But today they face a grave threat to this tradition. It is not the controversy surrounding whaling that threatens the Faroese way of life; the danger is coming from the whales themselves. The Faroese are among the first to feel the affects of our ever more polluted oceans. They have discovered that their beloved whales are toxic, contaminated by the outside world. What once secured their survival now endangers their children and the Faroe Islanders must make a choice between health and tradition.

Visually, absolutely stunning documentary. A ballad from a mystic, unknown, yet strangely familiar world. But the film also asks the right and important questions. What is the meaning of whaling in the 21st century for Faroe culture? Should the Faroes put tradition over health? If the whales are not endangered, if it is sustainable, should they still stop hunting them? The film also debates and questions modern societies negative influence on nature and the eco system of the Faroe islands. He achieves that with impressive and metaphoric pictures. A Great piece of visual storytelling.

Director(s): Mike Day
Script: Mike Day
Production: Mike Day, Stefan Frost, Henrik Underbjerg
Music: Antony Partos, Mike Sheridan
Year: 2016
Duration: 81 min
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): Faroese
Language (subtitles): English
Country of origin: Denmark, United Kingdom
Shooting Locations: Denmark
Screening rights: Amstelfilm (Netherlands) | Roco Films ()
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Main topic(s): Planet Earth
Secondary topics: biodiversity food security toxins health
Mentions: whales pilot whales seabirds puffins Faroe hunt food subsistence whaling mercury sea shepherd Huldufólk
Topic Page(s): Planet Earth

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