The Children Of The Corals

Climate change is causing enormous damage in the ocean as well, leading to a major coral death. Titouan Bernicout found a way to save the corals.

In Moorea, French Polynesia, the nonprofit group Coral Gardeners tends broken pieces of coral on a nursery table for one month before reattaching them to reefs. Travelers there can adopt a coral piece and help the group plant it.

The film is well suited for children and can inspire them to become active themselves.

"The Children of the Corals" stands out primarily because of its content: It portrays a remarkable commitment and the impressive ingenuity of young people. The film is also convincing because of the positive treatment of its subject, which makes you realize the beauty of nature.

Less convincing is the structure of the film and its ability to grab the viewer emotionally or intellectually. Therefore its entertainment value is modest, especially for adults. Young people, on the other hand, can identify with the commitment of the film's young protagonists.

"The Children of Corals" is an exciting journalistic achievement and shows a lot from the real world, but does not focus on in-depth research.

Director(s): Karim Mahdjouba
Script: Karim Mahdjouba
Production: KMH Media Production
Music: Stéphane Rosson
Actors: Titouan Bernicout, Letitia Hédouin, Teiano Teiho, Mathilde Loubyere, Lily Anzai
Year: 2020
Duration: 60 min
Our age recommendation: 8
Language (audio): French, English
Language (subtitles): English
Country of origin:
Shooting Locations: France


Main topic(s): Climate Oceans Human Potential
Secondary topics: tourism acidification
Mentions: corals bleeching waves eco-tourism youth mitigation social media education
Topic Page(s): Climate Oceans Human Potential


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