America is facing a food crisis driven by profitability and a lack of consumer education. While the window to transforming our heartland continues to shrink, passionate individuals have emerged who provide hope that the health of our nation might still remain within our grasp. "Sustainable" weaves together expert analysis of America's food and farming system with a powerful narrative of one extraordinary farmer who is determined to create a sustainable future for his community. Amidst the cornfields of Illinois lives the hero of the film - Marty Travis, a seventh-generation farmer who watched his land and community fall victim to the pressures of big agribusiness. Determined to create a proud legacy for his son, Marty transforms his profitless wasteland and pioneers the sustainable food movement in Chicago. The film unearths the future of agriculture - a marriage of age-old tradition and groundbreaking science. Industry pioneers from around the nation reveal the secrets behind human health and environmental protection. Woven into these stories are the foremost experts of the food industry - connecting the dots between agriculture, the environment, economics and public health. Their stories are a reminder of America's troubled past and the devastating consequences that await the country if left unchanged. "Sustainable" empowers audiences and gives them hope for the future - that through this food revolution, we can all save humanity.

Director(s): Matt Wechsler
Script: Matt Wechsler
Production: Abby Davis, Kevin Iwashina, Annie Speicher
Music: Devin Delaney
Actors: Dan Barber, Marty Travis, Rick Bayless
Year: 2016
Duration: 92 min
Our age recommendation: 12
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: United States
Shooting Locations:
Screening rights: Hourglass Films ()

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Main topic(s): Global Food
Secondary topics: soil food security urban farming
Mentions: argriculture food soil pesticides organic Roundup herbicides farms grains sustainable local weed
Topic Page(s): Global Food

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