The colourful documentary "Straws", narrated by Oscar-winning Tim Robbins, leaves a clear understanding of the problems caused by plastic pollution and enables the individual to be part of the solution.

Director(s): Linda Booker
Production: Linda Booker
Music: Ben Brown
Actors: Wallace J. Nichols, Jackie Nunez, Sarah Mae Nelson, Max Machum, Kim Solano, Feletia Lee, Christine Figgener, Nathan Robinson, Pam Longobardi. Jenna Jambeck, Erik Zettler, Steve Elb
Year: 2017
Duration: 32 min
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: United States, Costa Rica
Shooting Locations:
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Main topic(s): Consumption + Alternatives Upcycling, Recycling + Waste
Secondary topics: innovation plastic
Mentions: straw plasticfree bamboo turtle nanoplastic clothes paperstraws single use The Last Plastic Straw Monterey Bay Aquarium No Straw Challenge Save Our Shores The Leatherback Trust Drifters Project Sea Education Assoctation (SEA) Plastic Ocean Project

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