Sowing Seeds in Hearts

Agriculture at the heart

On Pentecost Sunday, 2014, a vintage steam train travelled from Salzburg to Donji Kraljevec – the birthplace of Rudolf Steiner. Its passengers: farmers, artists, scientists, creative professionals and a colourful assembly of visionaries. They provide striking illustrations of the crucial role bestowed on agriculture in today’s society. They also show how Rudolf Steiner’s ideas, even after 90 years, have lost none of their freshness: on the contrary, they provide original and innovative models for a future which is fit for nature, animals and humans. Even for viewers with no prior knowledge, this film makes biodynamic agriculture comprehensible and tangible.

RST 153 Kulturgut Express 2014 - A train for life:

Thanks to their humour and love of farming, the project’s two initiators, Vera Koppehel and Peter Daniell Porsche, have breathed new life into a simple train journey: anthroposophic life. Travel with them and let yourself be taken on a journey through surprising perspectives and reflections on the links between humans, Earth and the cosmos.

Director(s): Bertram Verhaag
Script: Bertram Verhaag
Production: DENKmal Film
Music: Sami Hammi
Year: 2015
Duration: 38 min
Our age recommendation: 12
Language (audio): German, English, Portuguese, Croatian
Country of origin: Germany
Shooting Locations: Austria, Slovakia, Croatia
Screening rights: DENKmal Film Verhaag GmbH ()
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Main topic(s): Human Potential
Secondary topics: organic art politics postconsumptionism spirituality activism
Mentions: agriculture art train society exchange seed organic
Topic Page(s): Human Potential

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