A Six Dollar Cup Of Coffee

Through the eyes of a Tseltal family, the story connects a coffee co-op in Chiapas, Mexico that struggles selling their coffee as a finished product out of the regular market with the third wave coffee shops and their baristas in Seattle, USA.

Even though the Tseltal business model seems to be successful and viable, the risks they take increase and jeopardize all their efforts. A destructive plague coming from South America threatens the merely existence of coffee in the continent while the markets stumbles. Understanding coffee as a way to protect their identity, their land and their right to live under better conditions, our characters struggle to sell their product abroad, questioning the Specialty Coffee paradigms of quality.

The film explores and confronts a fragile community of coffee producers with the overwhelming reality of coffee consumption.

"A Six Dollar Cup Of Coffee" raises our awareness of the risks and imponderables of coffee production and why 6 dollars for a cup of coffee is actually not too much. We recommend the film to viewers with an interest in Fair Trade topics - and of course to all coffee lovers with a social conscience.

Director(s): Andres Ibanez Diaz Infante, Alejandro Diaz San Vicente
Script: Andres Ibanez Diaz Infante, Alejandro Diaz San Vicente
Production: Andres Ibanez Diaz Infante, Alejandro Diaz San Vicente
Music: Joaquín Rosendo Campero
Year: 2018
Duration: 72 min
Picture format: 16:9
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): English, Spanish
Language (subtitles): English
Country of origin: Mexico
Shooting Locations: Mexico, United States
Screening rights: Stereosonique ()

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Main topic(s): Fairtrade + Economy
Secondary topics: cooperation
Mentions: coffee co-op supply chain indigenous Mexico production industry value economics barista fair trade coffee rust fungus risk Yomol A’tel economic solidarity
Topic Page(s): Fairtrade + Economy

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