Sense & Sustainability

Is a Species Set on Endless Growth Sustainable?

In the feature-length documentary film "Sense and Sustainability" we ask the question, "Is a species set on endless growth sustainable?"

In answering this question we explore the scale of the human endeavor and its impact on the environment.

Director(s): Michael Connolly
Script: Michael Connolly, Amanda Connolly
Production: Tanja Meding, Michael Connolly, Amanda Connolly
Music: EvilLookingBird
Actors: William Ryerson, Robert Walker, Rosanna Marie Neil, Ed Barry, Nick Brown, Brian Richter, Rob Dietz, Erik Assadourian, Paul Ehrlich, Brian Czech, Brian Dixon, Laura Carroll
Year: 2015
Duration: 80 min
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: Spain
Shooting Locations: United States
Screening rights: Anchored Minds ()
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Main topic(s): Energy Water Global Food
Secondary topics: car population food security renewables fossil fuel footprint climate politics postconsumptionism regeneration sufficiency growth
Mentions: consumption sustainability limitations gender equality economy fresh water
Topic Page(s): Global Food Water

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