Living Soil

"Living Soil" tells the story of farmers, scientists, and policymakers working to incorporate agricultural practices to benefit soil health for years to come.

This documentary takes you on a journey from lush landscapes in Oregon, the sun-baked fields of California, the vast green acres of the Midwest, to the waterfront farming and fishing communities in and around the Chesapeake Bay. Each farmer shares a story as unique as the soil they manage with a shared theme that resonates throughout the film: Our soil is a special resource we should all cherish and strive to protect.

Director(s): Chelsea Wright
Production: Chelsea Wright, Josh Wright, Wayne Honeycutt, Steven Shafer, Sheldon Jones, Byron Rath, Soil Health Institute
Actors: Dawn Bentley, Brian Berns, Keith Berns, Bill Buckner, Mimo Davis, Dan DeSutter, Miranda Duschak, James Eskridge, Barry Fisher, Liz Graznak, Steve Groff, Jerry Hatfield, Trey Hill, Larkin Martin, Bianca Moebius-Clune, Jesse Sanchez, Larry Thompson, John Wiebold, Kristen Veum
Year: 2018
Duration: 60 min
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): English
Language (subtitles): English
Country of origin: United States
Shooting Locations: United States
Screening rights: Soil Health Institute ()
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Main topic(s): Permaculture Global Food
Secondary topics: biodiversity organic soil industrial agriculture urban farming water cycle cooperation
Mentions: soil health regeneration intensive farming food production agriculture cover crops tillage erosion topsoil microorganisms nitrogen carbon nitrogen fixation nutrients mulch no-till
Topic Page(s): Permaculture

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