Going Nuts

Tales From The Squirrel World

Squirrels are among the most popular animals in the world. They can be seen everywhere, they accompany walkers in the park or in the forest and amuse us with their acrobatic climbing skills.

Squirrels have populated almost all habitats on earth, you can meet them in cities, in the forest, in deserts, in the mountains and in the far north. Today, squirrels and their relatives are an integral part of almost every region. The documentary tells exciting and entertaining stories from the world of one of the planet's most popular mammals.

Some squirrels can fly, many live on the ground or in trees and some prefer the cold or the heat. Whether young or old, there is hardly a person who can escape the charm of a funny looking squirrel with full cheeks. The diversity of the squirrel kingdom is both fascinating and impressive.

The film takes the viewer into the fascinating world of these little creatures and shows in entertaining stories how they were able to assert themselves so successfully all over the world. The film reveals the enchanting world of the squirrels and brings a colourful mixture of information, entertainment and fascination to the screen.

Director(s): Yann Sochaczewski
Script: Yann Sochaczewski
Production: Altayfilm GmbH
Music: Oliver Heuss
Year: 2019
Duration: 43 min
Our age recommendation: 6
Language (audio): German, French, English
Language (subtitles): German
Country of origin: Germany
Shooting Locations: Germany, Canada, South Africa, India, United States
Screening rights: Altay Film ()

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Secondary topics: forest wilderness wildlife
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