Fossil Free

A growing group of concerned citizens no longer trusts politicians to tackle climate change. They now focus on the financial sector and receive help from unexpected sources. Big banks like HSBC, Citibank and the regulating Bank of England recently started to warn against the so-called ‘carbon bubble’. Investing in coal, oil and gas not only causes temperatures to rise, but it also involves substantial financial risks, for pensions for example.

The trust that politicians will come up with a solution for climate change is waning. A rapidly growing group of concerned citizens is looking for other ways to tackle climate change. They now focus on the financial world, because they believe that there is at least as much influence to be found here as in governments. Pension funds, churches and universities are called on to withdraw their investments in fossil fuels.

A good film to explain divestment - a global movement gaining momentum.

Director(s): Martijn Kieft
Production: VPRO Backlight, Jeroen Beumer
Actors: Corien Wortmann-Kool, Vatan Hüzeir, Ella Lagé, Bob Litterman, Dawn Mastin
Year: 2015
Duration: 48 min
Our age recommendation: 14
Language (audio): English
Language (subtitles): Japanese, French, English, Spanish
Country of origin: Netherlands
Shooting Locations: Germany, Netherlands, United States
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Main topic(s): Energy
Secondary topics: renewables fossil fuel money climate
Mentions: divestment fossil fuel investment fossil fuel movement climate change assets Co2 emissions government state democracy social justice coal oil gas pension Berlin divestment

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