Earth From Space

The view of our home planet as we have never seen it before.

Satellites in Earth orbit open up completely new perspectives on our planet. The view from space helps us to better understand natural phenomena, to explore remote places and to promote environmental and species protection. It illustrates the extensive effects of the rapidly growing world population and the consequences of man-made climate change. And it shows what a marvel of colours, shapes and patterns our home planet is.

"Earth From Space" is a documentary series and contains four episodes, each about 50 min:

1. A New Perspective

2. Patterned Planet

3. Colourful Planet

4. Changing Planet

Director(s): Barny Revill, Justin Anderson, Paul Thompson
Script: Barny Revill, Justin Anderson, Paul Thompson, Doug Mackay-Hope, Nick Smith-Baker
Production: Jo Shinner, Barny Revill, Justin Anderson, Paul Thompson, Chloë Sarosh, BBC Natural History Unit
Music: Neil Davidge, David Poore
Actors: Chiwetel Ejiofor
Year: 2019
Duration: 200 min
Our age recommendation: 10
Language (audio): German, English
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Shooting Locations: Germany, China, Netherlands, India, Australia, Indonesia, Argentina, Russia, United States, Chile, Antarctic, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Greenland, Bangladesh, Madagascar
Screening rights: BBC Studios ()

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Main topic(s): Planet Earth
Secondary topics: biodiversity climate forest water cycle wilderness wildlife growth
Mentions: space satellites time-lapse earth nature forest coral reef glaciers change climate change elephants hippo river wombat aurora borealis crane turtle jungle ice sea lions orcas plankton oxygen penguins flamingo rape bees Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching calamari parakeets Chenai soil erosion orangutans coastal mouse hurricanes lightning fire forest fires California
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