An Amazon Adventure

The film follows Benjamin Sadd (a filmmaker) and James Trundle (an artist) as they travel to the Ecuadorian Amazon to build a canoe from scratch, then travel alone through the rainforest. The journey builds on their 10 year friendship in this isolated and offen challenging environment, testing their relationship as they struggle to deal with the conditions and the complexity of the issues that surround this part of the Amazon Rainforest.

This documentary film lacks a clear message, problem awareness and options for action. It is about two buddies who build a canoe in the jungle and have more or less uncomplicated fun on their "survival trip".

Only at the end of the film we learn that the jungle we saw in the first half of the film may no longer exist because the land was sold to an oil company. However, this isn't further discussed and so "DugOut" clearly lags behind our expectations.

Director(s): Benjamin Sadd
Script: Benjamin Sadd
Production: Benjamin Sadd, Trail to Anywhere
Music: New West Studios
Actors: Benjamin Sadd, James Trundle, Bay Nenquiwi
Year: 2017
Duration: 52 min
Picture format: 16:9
Our age recommendation: 14
Language (audio): English
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Shooting Locations: Ecuador
Screening rights: The Trail To Anywhere ()
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Main topic(s): Planet Earth
Secondary topics: forest wilderness wildlife
Mentions: dugout canoe amazon jungle rain forest indigenous Yasuni National Park oil
Topic Page(s): Planet Earth

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