Captain's Dream

Art Biennale in Antarctica

The wild Russian artist and boat captain, Alexander Ponomarev follows his bold dream to create the first Biennale in Antarctica. His vision is an expedition: a convergence of international artists and visionaries in a paramount icy backdrop, which catalyzes creation and opens a unique space for debate about the future of humanity and responsibility towards the planet.

In a borderless continent, at the beginning and end of all meridians, lunar landscapes replace curated pavilions, ascetic cabins replace luxurious suites and silence and purity replace hype and distraction. We embark on a voyage with 100 celebrated transdisciplinary artists and scientists as they carry out ephemeral installations on shore, giving Antarctica an artistic and cultural voice for the first time. In creating a biennale at the edge of human activity, the voyage culminates in an explosion of consciousness; the realization that the Antarctic waters directly reflect distant human activities’ impact.

Guided by Ponomarev’s deep poetic voice, “Captain’s Dream” confronts contemporary visionaries to an engaging challenge: how can their artistic voices awaken the wider public to share responsibility? In our current paradigm, how can humanity collaborate to maintain peace and preserve nature in shared spaces? It all begins, as the artistic crew strives to build a legacy without leaving a trace.

Sehr geeignet für ein an Kunst interessiertes Publikum.

Director(s): Denis Delestrac
Production: Intrepido Films
Music: Leo Dolgan
Year: 2018
Duration: 49 min
Our age recommendation: 12
Language (audio): English
Country of origin:
Shooting Locations: Italy, Russia, Antarctic
Screening rights: Javafilms ()


Main topic(s): Human Potential
Secondary topics: climate art
Mentions: whales penguins Antarctica art artists Biennale
Topic Page(s): Human Potential

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