Awaiting Water

The Dutch environmental sciences-student Sanne is concerned about the impact of climate change in South Africa. The ongoing drought in the Western Cape province has been labeled as the worst in a century, affecting harvests and water supplies.

Sanne travels to South Africa to find out how severe the impact of climate change is, who face the consequences and ultimately what her own responsibility is in these events.

The documentary is a personal journey that seeks answers and solutions to the biggest threat to our generation.

Director(s): Gosse Bouma
Production: Sanne Raaijmakers, Philip Du Plessis, Tygra Konings
Music: Rindert Lammers
Actors: Sanne Raaijamkers, Andries Van Der Poll, Frikkie Abels, Dirk Lesch, Neil Armitage, Abri Richter
Year: 2017
Duration: 31 min
Our age recommendation: 16
Language (audio): English, Dutch
Language (subtitles): English, Dutch
Country of origin: Netherlands
Shooting Locations: Netherlands, South Africa
Screening rights: Gosse Bouma ()
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Main topic(s): Water
Secondary topics: food security money climate politics
Mentions: dams drought agriculture water usage apartheid climate change mental health
Topic Page(s): Water

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