Angel Azul

Casting For a New Generation

"Angel Azul" explores the artistic journey of Jason deCaires Taylor, an innovative artist who combines creativity with an important environmental solution; the creation of artificial coral reefs from statues he's cast from live models.

When algae overtakes the reefs however, experts provide the facts about the perilous situation coral reefs currently face and solutions necessary to save them. Peter Coyote generously provides insightful narration that leaves viewers pondering our connection to this valuable and beautiful ecosystem.

„Angel Azul“ uses the medium of art to point out to highly relevant environmental problems by showing how objects of art can function as artificial coral reefs.

On the basis of a good journalistic performance, „Angel Azul“ shows issues that have attracted little attention before. „Angel Azul“ is an intelligent, entertaining and very touching film that is easy to follow. Moreover, it raises appreciation and a sense of respect for our natural environment. Unfortunately, the film does not offer alternative solutions, does not motivate to take action and makes it difficult to draw connections to our daily lives.

„Angel Azul“ does not focus on scientific aspects: the film imparts only little knowledge and information, contexts are not explained clearly and only a few empirical examples are shown.

In view of the technical performance, „Angel Azul“ convinces primarily with unique pictures and scenes. The film is very appealing and exciting. Camerawork and soundtrack are good.

Director(s): Marcy Cravat
Production: Marcy Cravat, Passelande Pictures, Eric Katsuleres
Actors: Peter Coyote, Tom Goreau, Sylvia Earle, Jason deCaires Taylor, Paloma Lopez, Joaquin Adamo Sutter, Karen Salinas-Martínez, Paul Sanchez-Navarro, Gerardo Garcia
Year: 2014
Duration: 72 min
Picture format: 16:9
Our age recommendation: 12
Language (audio): English
Country of origin:
Shooting Locations: Mexico, Indonesia, United States, United Kingdom, Grenada
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Main topic(s): Oceans
Secondary topics: climate art tourism
Mentions: environment reefs coral ecosystem ocean art
Topic Page(s): Oceans


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