The Ancient Woods

"The Ancient Woods" shows a wide range of animal portraits, precisely filmed, whether in daylight or at night. There is no commentary, only the rich, almost tangible sounds of the forest and the magical situations that the camera captures.

Director(s): Mindaugas Survila
Script: Mindaugas Survila, Ginte Zulyte
Production: Mindaugas Survila, Ginte Zulyte, Radvile Sumile, Lithuanian Film Centre
Year: 2017
Duration: 85 min
Our age recommendation: 6
Country of origin: Germany, Lithuania, Estonia
Shooting Locations: Lithuania
Screening rights: Amstelfilm (Netherlands)


Main topic(s): Planet Earth
Secondary topics: forest wilderness wildlife
Mentions: ravens eagles roe deer crows insects bats wolves fireflies owls storks ants bees rain thunderstorms millipedes
Topic Page(s): Planet Earth

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