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Quality criteria

The association Films for the Earth is politically and religiously independent. It is oriented in all conscience on scientific facts and recognised ratings. Films for the Earth behaves neither reactionary or activist nor agitative, but informs, inspires, gifts and brings people together.

What films we support

Documentary films on environmental and sustainability topics that 

  • transfer knowledge and coherences,
  • show the influence of human on the planet and live in all
  • move people
  • raise to a bigger, planetary and transpersonal perspective
  • raise respect and estimation for the creation
  • inspirate to a illuminated* and long lasting coexistence between humans, other species and the earth as our source of life

What films we do not support

Films for the Earth does not support films, people, companies or organizations that, 

  • are aggressive, racist or otherwise hostile or stimulate hate, accusation, attack or ire,
  • blame one-sidedly a person, institution or group of people for the responsibility of a situation,
  • want to accept only one solution to a problem,
  • make propaganda (e.g. politically, formenting or greenwashing),
  • illustrate situations evidentially undifferentiated or incorrectly,
  • are cinematically very amateurish and with a small figurative or narrative quality .

Contingent questions and difficulties in this respect are examined, corrected immediately and communicated transparently by the board of Films for the Earth.